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 in response to daryellb...   

Hello and welcome to Aidapage

I read about you not having a phone and here is a government program that may help you

join your local freecycle here for items for your home


for food banks in your area as they sometimes have clothing banks too.

See if something in here may help you too


The above site you can call 211 to ask about what programs my help you and if you have a family what kind of help you can get. The website at 211 for Texas will be down 10/24-11/7


Site at Aidpage will be up..

Good luck



Talk to Starshine

down and out hi my family and i are starting all over just moved to Dallas TX and we need everything from socks towels soap dishes coats table beds covers everything that a person starting over would need, dont have a phone but i check my email at the library once a week if you could please help

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 in response to countrylady1949...   

What type of help are you needing, besides more money?

I have to agree with you How is it  small businesses and middle and lower income people are the ones that suffer.The government is broke, so they say, but they keep giving away millions to this country or that country, bail out wall street so they can go party and have a good time, they some how had the money to do that, it was already planned, Thought they were suppose to be broke.

If I'm broke, I don't have any money to do anything, I can't pull gas out of thin air, food neither.You have an agency of the government that doesn't govern themselves, but if you do the same thing that they do you and I will land in jail many many years, for such a terrible terrible crime.

What about our Congress, they give themselves a raise, even when the country is crumbling before their feet, they deserve it right, you and I don't, what the hell many of us have worked all our live and then because of getting disabled, we don't deserve the same consideration.

We can help those people in the disasters out before we help the poor and disabled out in this county. If anyone ask you where are we suppose to come up with all this money for the new Health Care Reform Bill that was passed, you can point to all the money that has been givin abroad.

To top it off , all of a sudden everyone is worried about their kids and their kids kids lives being destroyed because of this crushing debt.They haven't worried about the countries debt until Obama was elected. Then oh, my, what about my kids, what about my grandkids. What about us, nobody was worried before.

Talk to Schmidty


What state or country are you in? It is easier to get an idea of where to look specificially for grants, and so forth if we have a more accurate location. I looked on your profile and did not see anything filled out, so I thought I'd ask so I begin a search for you.


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 in response to countrylady1949...   


I am not Aidpage Team but a member here. I know what you mean. You can try this for a loan to open your home based business and maybe let us know the city and state you are in? There are free medical and dental clinics etc. But here  is the loan department that may help you

Good luck


Talk to Starshine

i just went thru the list if grants and there are grants for every country to help every one BUT the is nothing to help an AMERICAN citizen . im 60 years old and live on a very small income (less than a thousand dollars) and there is no one out there to help me with anything.why do all the tax dollars we all paid in go overseas when there is such a need here  in the USA. after rent utilities medicine there is nothing left. i would like to open a small home based business doing something im good at but i need some assistance. can anybody tell me if there is any help out there for someone like me ?

Talk to countrylady1949

I am 62 year old female with polycythemia vera.  I am unable to work anymore and have lots of medical bills.  meds to control this have bad side effects.  I feel lost and hopeless.   Help me if you can.

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positive thoughts
 in response to nini3...   

Hello,  You have really touched my heart.  Tears won't stop flowing.  I care about all of you.  What I write about is my journey in life.  I have come to realize that nothing really matters except for love.  Sharing the love.  I always for the rest of my journey would like to remain in this state.

Thankyou I have truly been blessed.  I pray for each and everyone of you.

Love and hugs

Talk to positive thoughts

I am a hard working mother of a 9 year old and we live here in this same apartment for five years, since we move from out of town. Now when we move here I lean on the mission for a couple of weeks, found me a job. Work , loved it, met a lot of great people. Since then i had a little acident, that cause me from not returning to work, Now I turn to the state and now three months behind and THANK  GOD the lil money I had I payed a little down, I ask Kalamazoo MI FIA AID OFFICE to help me and i got turn down, I really need these people help and they turn me down, I am very able to work and I am looking for work but until then, how do I get the help me and my child to stay in the same place where GOD has bless use with. CRYING OUT WITH ARMS REACHING OUT.     THANK -YOU FROM MY CHILD AND ME.

 in response to jaybird2010us...   


I know you are having a hard hard time. And I am not in a position to help you financially and wish I was. If my minister said that to me about I must have committed a sin and that is why I got cancer I would have screamed back how he could say such a thing to me!

I will never forget what Ann Landers wrote and I don't know the exact qoute but it went like this: You might not be responsible for what you have ( that can be illness or anything) but you are responsible for doing something about it. You are doing the best you can jaybird2010us with what you are given and seeking help to help your family. I really hope things get better for your family and when you don't have a bank account or your wife doesn't have one and I know many people who don't who don't have a bank account as they just cash checks at a store where you are charge to do so. When you don't have a bank account you can't get a pay pal account making donations to you easy. 

I am sorry things are so rough and there are a lot of good people in the world and most don't have money to give out and those who do, for whatever reason don't donate more. I wish there were many people who could help out. I dont know why your church isn't more supportive for you and your family...

Take care and I wish you the best


Talk to Starshine

I really appreciate any help or advice given. I have tried the ones you've provided and no luck so far. I'm so scared of becoming homeless. Once that happens the state takes your kids away and declares you unfit. Despite the fact that you went down there on your knees begging for their help. I had a minister telling me to examine my life and figure out which sin I comitted to have this cancer put on me! He was not pleasant. Please guys get your brains working I am desperate. Someone has to know someone. Thank you. you are all wonderful people!

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 in response to marylou...   

Check with your state website to see if they have any grant programs available for businesses in a "rural" area.  You have to be careful and make sure that your area qualifies as rural.

When starting a business it is really hard to say what kind of general advice should be given.  A lot of people start businesses doing something that they love to do and they go from there.  Not everyone knows everything about starting a business - they learn as they go.

Starting a store is going to involve quite a few things such as what kind of building are you going to use?  Are you going to rent it or will you own the building?  What about expenses?

One good general piece of advice is to start off with a business plan.  Look online to find some free examples of some of them.  You should be able to find a lot of free information to help you with starting a business - which reminds me that you should also look at the Small Business Administration - SBA - for short because they also provide information for those that are seeking help and advice for starting their own business.

Talk to Roseb441702

hello - this is my first time.......i am a single mother with 1 child and no help from her father...i have already raised one son on my own and now i am doing it again....i would like to open a little country store out where i live and would like some feed back on how to get started...i know you can get a goverment loan or grant to help you out in this situation... i know it would be very profitable because there is nothing around for miles but people and houses....i know alot of people in my neiborhood and they all say i sure wished there was store closer..............i would appreciate any feed back....


Thanks you very much...


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positive thoughts

Boy I sure have come along way since I first came on aidpage.  Considering my first post.  That is all behind me now.  I am always stepping one foot in front of the other now.  One can overcome obsticles in life. It sure made me grow..

Thankyou my friends.

Talk to positive thoughts
positive thoughts
 in response to Annika...   Thankyou.  I would like to update.  My mom had another mamagram and it showed all good.  She does not have to see the doctor for another year.  She lives one hour away from me but is moving back in town where I live.  She is 77 years old and going strong.
Talk to positive thoughts

I was laid off work in January, My bills for February are all paid. I will start back to work March 1st but just parttime. I need help with mortgage and lot rent payment for march. About $750.00. Where can I go for help tried modest needs but need bank account I only have a prepaid debit card.

Talk to dwalker

I am a 55 year old woman who has had a rough 4 years.  I have been unable to find or keep a job in those years.  I have a high school education and was able to keep good jobs when the economy was good.  I live with my mother.  I really want a good job so I can help support her.  I was in the computer technician field but since I've not worked in over four years, technology has skyrocketed over my head.  That industry is for the young and ambitious.  My credit is ruined.  I almost had a good job but my credit was bad so I did not get hired.  Go figure.  Anyway, does anyone have any ideas on what I can do?  Any help is greatly apreciated.

Talk to Toni55




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 in response to doxie...   

Hi Sara

I am sorry about your husband job loss and I hope he can find employment again soon.

Call 211 and ask about any programs to help you with utilites and look at my blog for some information too. To get to my blog just click the horse picture.

Check this link out and contact your nearest location for help with utilities

Are you employed? If so try as I know a couple of people been helped some there and I know people who have used

That is all I can think of at the moment..

Good luck 

Talk to Starshine
 in response to doxie...   

So many people have been posting here who are having the same problem as you - meaning they are facing the shutoff of their utilities.

There may be some things that you can do to avoid your services getting shut off.  First of all have you talked with your utility company?  They should have some programs that can help you and / or they should be willing to make some sort of payment arrangement with you.  You may not know this or not but even utility companies have someone that they have to answer to so if you feel that you are not being treated right you can report them!

Also you haven't stated how much you owe on your utility bill.  There are government programs out there to help people who are considered low-incomed with their heating bill.  There are also organizations and charities outside of the government that also have programs to help with emergency financial problems.  One that I know of simply requires you to send a copy of your shut off notice and depending upon the amount you owe they will send a payment to your utility company.  Another charitable organization has a program where they provide up to $9,000 for emergency financial need including medical emergencies and funeral expenses.

If the amount you owe is not too big then you may want to consider going online and simply requesting the money.  I have seen quite a few sites where people can request money.  Some of these sites require that you submit documentation supporting your request but I have found at least one site where you can submit your request for money without having to submit any additional documentation.  All that is required is that you submit your request stating how much money you are requesting and what you need the money for.  Requests of $100 to $1000 can be made and higher requests will be considered if there is a compelling enough reason.  I even saw one person requesting $22,000!

Not every request is honored (personally I think that that would be impossible) but some of the requests are honored.  For example someone received money to have their car fixed.  A woman received money to buy clothes for her children and a college student received money to buy some books.

The only reason that I know about these programs is because grant research is what I do and this is the kind of information that has been requested by clients.  

So if you are willing to do the work to find these programs then you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them.

You can also read some of my previous replies to people who have posted here with problems that are similar to yours by looking at my Aidpage 

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