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 in response to aeisha...   

I would look into pawning something to get money for food. Also ask the welfare office for a list of free food giveaways. Also go into any church and tell them of your need and ask for help. Most all churches will help you. I am and have been where you are at and I found these places to help and keep us going. May God bless you .

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Just a offer of a useful tip, not to offend you or your daughters in anyway, I have a 13 yr old daughter is is very style concious. Believe it or not we found clothing still in dry cleaning bags in the dumpster. My daughter flipped out when she saw the brand names. We find clothing and shoes all the time in dumpsters. The clothing is usually in big trash bags tied up. We check after a weekend when people have had garage sales, or cleaned out thier garage or home. While you are waiting on assistance you and your girls might have fun dumpster diving for clothing. It was strange at first to us then we got to where it feels like christmas cause we never know what we might find. Good luck and God bless you and your girls.

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iam new in the manchester,area and i am having problems with lots of medical bill (even though i have insurance from job the bills keep coming in) IVE lost my phone services and just about ready to lose my computor,with all these problems and still have alot of gratitude.  My problem is food i need help just to provide me and my son with nourisment so that i can continue working.  my food stamps were closed they said i make to much.  so i am unable to get food this month.  bills have to paid rent 780.00, bus fare, electric bill, medical bills. please help if you can all i want is some food to have in my refrig.   thank for listening

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This note is long but PLEASE READ IT ALL to understand my situation.
Well i'm not even 20 yet but I'm already on the verge of having a nervous break down. As soon as I was old enough to get a job I got one and started helping my mom out because I would hear her talk about being in so much debt but never knew how much. After a year and a half of working I had to quit my job because I have really bad headaches that caused me to black out and drained all my energy so my managers and doctor thought it was better if I get checked and rest. After trying every medication out there I finally was introduce to IMITREX, which my moms insurance would only cover 9 pills for $200 and something dollars. My school would help out and get me extra pills when I ran out so I wouldn't miss school and fall behind. My grandfather ended up moving in with my mom, me and my other younger siblings to help out. But then two years ago my grandfather passed away due to cancer and my mothers mom passed away when she was three so my mother has no parents or siblings to turn to. And every since my grandfather passed away we've been really struggling badly even though I got a job again to help out it isn't enough cause I only make $6.50/hr. But two months ago we didn't have enough money for the rent and none of my mothers aunts or cousins gave her a dime to help us. Even though my mother has always helped them out she let some of them live with us when they didn't have nothing or she would put food in my aunts house for there kids when they were broke and even though a lot of them owe her ALOT of money she never asked for it back but now that my mother needed help they didn't help her. My meanest aunt that has a house with extra rooms asked my mother what is she going to do and my mom said I don't know, pray and my aunt said to her ''I guess you and your kids are gonna have to live on the streets'' I cant even describe how hurt I was, but I know my mom is hurting more cause I hear her cry every night . A lot of apartments turned my mom down due to her credit, but we ended up getting a place at the last minute with no ones help, even though its only a two bedroom and it's 6 of us were trying our best. I didn't go off to college this year because I knew my mom wouldn't have any help and wouldn't be able to pay for everything and take care of my siblings by herself and none of my siblings are old enough to work, but since I didn't go to college we found out that her insurance dropped me and I can't afford to pay for the IMITREX medication or go to the doctor to get shots for my alopecia, I only have 5 pills left and when those are gone I'm worried I won't be able to work or look after my siblings and we would really end up on the streets. My mother use to be in $50,000 of debt mainly for helping my family out and also for using her credit cards when we didn't have anything which I later found out. But she and I have been trying to lower her debt and so far she's only in $21,000 of debt. She's trying her hardest to keep us together and I'm trying my hardest to help her, but I feel like were alway's going to be struggling and I wanna cry so badly but I'm afraid if I do I'll break down, so I hold it all in and feel miserable. So PLEASE if anyone out their who has even a penny they don't need and would like to send it to us I'd appreciate it so much, thank you.
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I have had no succus findinding any help, Have you? If you have could tell what I might do get finanical help. thanks

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my mortgage is a adjustable rate mortgage and the payments are very have become very high...i have lost my job and i have 2 kids and i live in a small city where there few jobs..and very hard to come by i have tried and tried to apply everyone and nothing i do office work and there is not currently opening.. at the time i doing ramdom things for people just to have nessary things...i have no extra money to move the the city which is 1hr 45min  and due to the non-payment on my mortgage now have really poor credit i have tried numerous times to work something out with the loan company but the just all they want is for me to bring the account current if everyone coudd offer a solution or advice it would be must helpful..thanks

Talk to mari27posa

my mortgage is a adjustable rate mortgage and the payments are very high my husband lost his good paying job this house has been in our family for many many years and i don't want to lose it we don't have the good enough credit to change the matter we have tried numerous times to contact the loan company to try and work something out but we get no where  we take care of my mom and disabled sister we built them their own apartment on the side so we could be here for them we have three kids of our own 1 of which has medical problems and almost died a few months ago does anyone have any solution or advice for our family

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Thank you so much for making this available to people--wonderful idea:)

Talk to whitney13

My husband and I are in a really desperate situation. I have not worked in four years because I had to take care of my mother who had Alzheimer's. Unfortunately she recently passed away. I have been on numerous interviews and can't get hired. My husband just got laid off and he can't seem to find a job. He has not been out of work for the twenty years we have been married. We used our savings to care for mom and now, we are broke. We have bills piling up and if we don't get the mortgage payment out we will be in big trouble. This house was my parents. I CAN'T lose it !! That would break my heart.Thanks to anyone who can help.

Talk to Norma

Go to Bellevue Hospital Neurosurgery clinic in new york city. doctors do not bill and hospital is supported by the city. you can see a doctor and get open back surgery done by an excellent team of neurosurgeons for under 2000 dollars. I am assuming you have no insurance or you would not be in this fix. I do not either, but they will help you there. Do NOT GO TO ANY MICROSURGERY OUTFIT IN FLORIDA. THEY ARE SCAMS AND IT WILL NOT HELP YOU. THEY WANT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY PERIOD.  I got this information from Dr. Daniel Choy, neurosurgeon on faculty at Columbia University medical school who developed an orthoscopic procedure to treat and cure herniated discs. however, it only works for herniated discs. according to Dr. Choy all other procedures and claims for microsurgery for backs are fraudulent. get a grip. I know you are feeling desperate, but go to Bellevue and get some real help.

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WE NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know the kind of help we need is a little different.  My husband and I have know for a long time that we wanted to adopt. We want to give a child that needs it a loving and stable home.  I know there are children everywhere that need help.  Knowing where to find one is another story. My husband and I have been very blessed. If anyone knows of a baby girl that needs a good home between the age of 0 and 2 I would thank you so very much for anyones help.  I will pray for everyone here please pray for us too.  We long to have that little one that will be our baby our last.  We can't wait to hold her and give her the world.




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need money to see dentist iam a heart patince no ins i had 7 heart attacks tooth is killing me help fast

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 in response to trucking cowgirl...   

I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR YOU HAVE MOVE ON IN YOUE LIFE.Iwas once in the same sitution and i got out and it was far the best thing i ever did. good luck

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trucking cowgirl
 in response to desperatetogo...   

i too got out of an abusive relatioon ship.every county has ways to help you.but listen good.they  dont stop i a lmost died at the hands of my husband now exhusband.every sherriff has places they can put you.You have to help yourself must want out.bad.dont keep listening to lies and get out while you are still alive!!!

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trucking cowgirl
 in response to Mad Marine...   

dear jeff i dont know what exactly you are looking for but there is a lot of websites to go to for jobs.i dont know what your story is is behind you not working but this is hard times

any job would help you.there are alot of resources at the truckstops.if you can make it to liousville ky there will be a lot of recruiters there from major trucking companies.that will be held mar 27-29 08 help yourself out and go there.holland enterprises will look at your application.look into all grants as well.i know if you have a good record you can go anywhere!!

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standing proud

I don't usually ask for help but I'm in desperate need this time. I left an abusive husband which is sitting in jail right now. My money ran out with 4 children faster than planned. rent ,electric,and vehicle payment and my money is now totally gone I make 6 dollars an hour.  I need help immediately please some one .

Thank you so much in advance

standing proud

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 in response to lnwolf...   

Your wife needs to try this for her cancer.  I have heard of people completely eliminating their cancer from drinking this, whole fruit.  My husband and I drink it myself for my heart problems, and my husband for his knee pain from surgery.  Just pray about it, I think it could help.  We'll keep you in our prayers.

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 in response to lavenderlynn...   

I would like to send you something to help with your RA.  It's helped my mother in law who has RA and fibromyalgia.  If you'd allow me to send it to you, please let me know.

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 in response to alleycat...   

I have something that can truely help you!  I have a friend that avoided knee surgery and a friend that avoided back surgery from drinking this juice.  It's all of the antioxidants that help your body to heal itself...  It's truly incredible.  My husband was just in a very bad car accident, and had to have his knee rebuilt, and this has helped tremendously with the pain...  We're praying for you and your family.

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