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Instructions: How to Use Aidpage

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Welcome to Aidpage! Here's what you can do here...

1. Talk about stuff you do NOT want to discuss with relatives, colleagues, or friends.

2. Have someone to chat with... when people around you won't listen.

3. Share tips and useful info with other people going through a rough patch.

Technically, Aidpage is an online social network where you can post messages and pictures and connect with others - as you would do on Facebook.

But Aidpage is for connecting to NEW people. And Aidpage is for discussing things you wouldn't talk about on Facebook - like health and money problems, for example.


What NOT to do on Aidpage...

1. Do NOT ask directly for money.
It just doesn't work well - it looks like begging. Let others decide how they may want to help you.

2. Do NOT post your EMAIL address, PHONE number, or STREET address.
People can contact you through Aidpage. You will receive a notification from Aidpage when someone replies to you on Aidpage. Once you give your email, phone, or home address to strangers, you cannot stop them from sending you scam emails, calling you, or sending you letters. For more personal matters, use the one-to-one messaging here on Aidpage - no need to disclose your personal email address to anyone!


A few more tips...


Write about whatever is on your heart and mind. Write about problems and worries. Or, tell success stories - about overcoming problems.


You may have already posted something - a comment, a question, or a short note. Post more. You may not be ready to write today - no problem. Come back tomorrow - write more about yourself, make new posts, and insert pictures in your posts. Come back often - and post something. The more you write and post pictures - the more people would be willing to write back to you. Just writing about your problems will make you feel better. Discussing problems is the first step to resolving them.


This is the purpose of Aidpage - to get people pay attention to each other. Do your part. Read what others have posted. Reply to them. That's how people will start paying attention to you.


On Aidpage, speak and act with the same common sense you would use when meeting new people in a public place.

5. COME BACK...!

Don't forget to visit often and post updates on Aidpage. Success or not, sharing your stories would be of help to someone else going through similar stuff. Also, you'll only start truly appreciating Aidpage after becoming a regular here.
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sheppard of the streets   in reply to sheppard of the streets
Their is a drop down arrow on my name on the aid page bar that is telling me more-Sheppard of the streets- in case anyone else is new like me!
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sheppard of the streets
This post tells you what you would and would not post but does not tell me how to login, how to talk one on one, how to post.......I think-it would be nice if someone would post how to instructions for those of us who are new, and new to computers-Sheppard of the streets
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I am in need of help for not only christmas but until i can get back on my feet. i am a single mom with an 9, 8 and 1 month old. i dont want to take up alot of time online explaining my situation but if you can please contact me and i will explain my situation. if i dont respond right back its because i dont have my own computer but i will respond as soon as i get to one. thank you
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 in response to Toni55...   Hi Toni55
I know just where you are because I am in the same boat. I have only been out of work for a year and a half but the market is hell. My heart truly go out to you and people like us. I just continue to put in job applications and trust God will have the right one to call. I sit here daily wondering what tomorrow is going to bring ,then I realize today has enough trouble of its own. I will keep you in prayer and trust God will send you just what he wants you to have. Believe that he is all powerful and he sees all and knows all. His power is greater and bigger than yours and mind situation. Just as few encouraging words to get you through the day. God Bless!
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 in response to AidpageTeam...   I realize time are extremely hard for alot of people, but I am desperate need of financial help. I have been unemployed for over a year and the bank is planning to forclose on my home on xmas eve. I have a need of $15,000 asap. I have contacted every agency I know and because I don't have a job I have been denied. I have been in my home for twenty years and can not forsee having to move because I don't have any place to go. I believe God will send me an angle to help and make this the best XMAS ever. Please help if you can! God's Blessings PLEASE CONTact ME asap!!!!!!!
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 in response to AidpageTeam...   Thank you. It worked.
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 in response to Inspiration...   

Hi Inspiration,

  1. Go to your post -
  2. Place your cursor above the title of the post (over the caption of the box that contains the post)
  3. A small blue link will appear at the right end of the caption - "Delete page" ... click on it.


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 in response to AidpageTeam...   

I need help deleting a post in my blog.  Another Aidpage member recently asked for these shoes and they are no longer available. Thanks.

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 in response to Sister SI...   Hi Sister SI,

You can find the original password in the email you should have received after signing up for Aidpage.

If you don't see this email in your email inbox, take a look in your email spam folder (it may have ended up there).

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Sister SI

Please advise me how to change my password with aidpage since I do not remember my original. It ask for my original password. I cannot get past this step since I do not remember it. Please advise.

From: Sister SI

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hi i stumbled across this sight in desperation,ive never asked anybody for anything!!my family and i have been thru sooo much i dont even know where to begin!!4 yrs ago i started a small barbershop,and my husband was working and we were holding our own.then i started getting knee problems and thru 2 scopes found out i needed knee replacement.was off 6 monthes.went bk to work and had to move do to foreclouser.and my husband had a heart attack so he was off work 6 wks.then he goes bk to work and i start getting knee pain in other leg and find out i need knee relacement on the other leg so i have that done mind u im only 52,then 6 wks after knee replacement i fell and broke my femur in the same now ive been off 1 yr with no income whats so ever.and 10 months after that ordeal hip was giving me sooo much pain the dr found out i tore my lambrum in my hip when i fell and broke femur. and had to get that repair.while all this was going on the economy went bad and for the longest time he collected thankfully hes bk to work.hopefully ill be able to just work 4 hrs,if that starting jan.i really dont know how im going to do it.ive held on to my shop thinking i was going to be bk sooner and its what i do for a loving ive been a barber for 26 yrs.the dr told me i would of been bk last april.fat chance of that.i have a 13yr old daughter that has been a trooper thru all of this.everyone in my family has helped us and i cant ask for any more there is nomore.i have gone to the stateand have been turned down do to my husbands food stamps no nothing.i told my husband if i ever win the lottery i will start a foundation for self employed people so they have somewhere to go when noone will help.and beleive me if i had money in the bank i surely would not of even wrote on this sight.i never thought i would be in such a mess.its affected my health im always so sad.thanks for letting me tell my storey its my nightmare looking foward to see the light.sorry to read about all this hardship.ya know when i was working and someone would come in my shop really down on there luck id give them a free haircut.i will continue to do this because you never know when its gonna be to all

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 in response to daryellb...   

Hello and welcome to Aidapage

I read about you not having a phone and here is a government program that may help you

join your local freecycle here for items for your home


for food banks in your area as they sometimes have clothing banks too.

See if something in here may help you too


The above site you can call 211 to ask about what programs my help you and if you have a family what kind of help you can get. The website at 211 for Texas will be down 10/24-11/7


Site at Aidpage will be up..

Good luck



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down and out hi my family and i are starting all over just moved to Dallas TX and we need everything from socks towels soap dishes coats table beds covers everything that a person starting over would need, dont have a phone but i check my email at the library once a week if you could please help

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 in response to countrylady1949...   

What type of help are you needing, besides more money?

I have to agree with you How is it  small businesses and middle and lower income people are the ones that suffer.The government is broke, so they say, but they keep giving away millions to this country or that country, bail out wall street so they can go party and have a good time, they some how had the money to do that, it was already planned, Thought they were suppose to be broke.

If I'm broke, I don't have any money to do anything, I can't pull gas out of thin air, food neither.You have an agency of the government that doesn't govern themselves, but if you do the same thing that they do you and I will land in jail many many years, for such a terrible terrible crime.

What about our Congress, they give themselves a raise, even when the country is crumbling before their feet, they deserve it right, you and I don't, what the hell many of us have worked all our live and then because of getting disabled, we don't deserve the same consideration.

We can help those people in the disasters out before we help the poor and disabled out in this county. If anyone ask you where are we suppose to come up with all this money for the new Health Care Reform Bill that was passed, you can point to all the money that has been givin abroad.

To top it off , all of a sudden everyone is worried about their kids and their kids kids lives being destroyed because of this crushing debt.They haven't worried about the countries debt until Obama was elected. Then oh, my, what about my kids, what about my grandkids. What about us, nobody was worried before.

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What state or country are you in? It is easier to get an idea of where to look specificially for grants, and so forth if we have a more accurate location. I looked on your profile and did not see anything filled out, so I thought I'd ask so I begin a search for you.


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 in response to countrylady1949...   


I am not Aidpage Team but a member here. I know what you mean. You can try this for a loan to open your home based business and maybe let us know the city and state you are in? There are free medical and dental clinics etc. But here  is the loan department that may help you

Good luck


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i just went thru the list if grants and there are grants for every country to help every one BUT the is nothing to help an AMERICAN citizen . im 60 years old and live on a very small income (less than a thousand dollars) and there is no one out there to help me with anything.why do all the tax dollars we all paid in go overseas when there is such a need here  in the USA. after rent utilities medicine there is nothing left. i would like to open a small home based business doing something im good at but i need some assistance. can anybody tell me if there is any help out there for someone like me ?

Talk to countrylady1949

I am 62 year old female with polycythemia vera.  I am unable to work anymore and have lots of medical bills.  meds to control this have bad side effects.  I feel lost and hopeless.   Help me if you can.

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positive thoughts
 in response to nini3...   

Hello,  You have really touched my heart.  Tears won't stop flowing.  I care about all of you.  What I write about is my journey in life.  I have come to realize that nothing really matters except for love.  Sharing the love.  I always for the rest of my journey would like to remain in this state.

Thankyou I have truly been blessed.  I pray for each and everyone of you.

Love and hugs

Talk to positive thoughts

I am a hard working mother of a 9 year old and we live here in this same apartment for five years, since we move from out of town. Now when we move here I lean on the mission for a couple of weeks, found me a job. Work , loved it, met a lot of great people. Since then i had a little acident, that cause me from not returning to work, Now I turn to the state and now three months behind and THANK  GOD the lil money I had I payed a little down, I ask Kalamazoo MI FIA AID OFFICE to help me and i got turn down, I really need these people help and they turn me down, I am very able to work and I am looking for work but until then, how do I get the help me and my child to stay in the same place where GOD has bless use with. CRYING OUT WITH ARMS REACHING OUT.     THANK -YOU FROM MY CHILD AND ME.